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Insurance Products
We work with most major companies in the individual and group market.  This includes the top national carriers and regional ones as well.  You can rest assured we'll know which companies and health plans are best based on your individual needs.  Plans Including:

High Deductible Health Plans (HSA Qualified) -Tax Advantaged!
Higher deductible medical plans that allow you to also contribute pre-tax money into a tax deferred interest bearing account.  Funds are then used to pay out of pocket expenses not paid by health insurance plan.  Ask us how a HSA could potentially save you thousands in taxes each year!

PPO Plans
Medical plans that typically offer a choice of deductible, and include a doctor office visits and prescriptions covered by co-payment.

HMO Plans
Usually "in-network" only medical plans with low or no deductibles.  Most services covered under co-payment.  HMO's tend to be regionalized, typically found in larger metro markets.  They remain popular in certain areas of the country but are not found widespread.

Short Term Plans  
Inexpensive, temporary medical coverage from 1-12 mo.'s

Hospital Indemnity Plans - Guarantee Issue!
Pays a fixed daily cash benefit in the event of hospitalization, intensive care, skilled nursing, home healthcare, pregnancy, and more.  

Individual & Group Medical

Life Insurance
One of the key pillars to a successful financial plan, life insurance plays many valuable roles.  It not only provides a valuable role in protecting your family and loved ones, but, plays a critical role in the overall financial or business plan.  We offer plans including:

Term Life
Level death benefit, level premium insurance designed to insure for a specific length of time or term.  Typical coverage lengths include 10, 15, 20, 25 or 30 years. Term Life is the predominant type of life insurance sold today due to it's lower cost for higher face amounts of coverage.  

Whole Life
Whole life insurance is permanent insurance which typically covers the person for their entire life. Premiums are typically paid for life, but "paid up" policies are available.  Paid up policies typically require payment to a certain age or a preset number of years. Whole life plans accrue "cash values" which can be borrowed upon or serve as a cash surrender value if the policy is cancelled.  Although not considered investments, whole life plans can be very attractive due to the strong internal rates of return (dividends) and cash value accumulations. Varying forms of whole life insurance include Universal Life and Equity Indexed Universal Life.  Universal Life is a form of whole life insurance that allows for flexible premium funding instead of set fixed premiums.  Equity Indexed whole life is a policy who's earning rate is pegged to a stock, bond or interest rate index.

AVMA Life Insurance Trust (AVMA LIFE)
Jeff is a independent insurance broker who represents most of the top insurance companies and programs, including AVMA LIFE.  AVMA LIFE has served the Veterinarian community for 60+ years offering an array of highly competitive insurance products including:

*Medical, Term Life, Disability, Professional Overhead Expense, Accidental Death & Dismemberment (AD&D), Hospital Indemnity Plans (HIP), Dental/Vision, and Long Term Care.  

Jeff additionally represents AVMA LIFE as their Authorized Representative to Ross Unversity's School of Veterinary Medicine (St. Kitt's, West Indies) and University of Florida's College of Veterinary Medicine.

Disability Insurance
Probably the most over looked insurance product today next to life insurance. Disability insurance is designed to recover a portion of your lost wages if you cannot work.  You can typically insure up to 60% of your gross compensation to a maximum based on age.  Disability insurance can be either Short Term or Long Term.  Short Term typically covers up to 6 months, then expires.  Long Term could provide a benefit up to lifetime depending on age at time of claim.  Often they are co-mingled together depending on the client's needs or desires. Disability plans are not created equal and it takes experienced broker to advise what is best for you. 

Fact: 1 in 4 workers will suffer a disability of 3 months or longer before they    retire!  1 in 8 will suffer a disability of 5 years or longer!

Fact: The average individual disability claims lasts 31 months!

Fact: Of those people who suffer a disability, 39% of males and 27% of females will still be disabled after 2 years.

Fact: Most Americans have only enough savings to cover 3 weeks with no income!  

Could you survive financially if you suffered a extended or permanent disability that prevented you form working?

There are inherent risks in every profession, more so for veterinarians.  Having a properly structured disability plan could mean the difference between financial security and financial ruin.

Business Overhead Expense
Are you a practice or business owner?  Business Overhead Expense is a type of disability product that is specific to owner/partners.  BOE as it is commonly called, insures the "overhead expenses" of your business in the event you cannot work due to a disability.  BOE reimburses such expenses as rent or mortgage on business, employee salaries, utilities, taxes, equipment maintenance, office supplies,postage and more.  Most BOE plans cover up to $50,000 or more in monthly expenses.  

BOE plays an integral role in the overall financial plan, as it helps protect the financially integrity of your business.  Imagine if you could not work for an extended period of time.  What effect would that have your business?  You may have to lay off employees or even close down.  BOE allows you to maintain a strong financial position thereby protecting the huge investment of time and money you have at stake in your business.  God forbid you suffer an extended or permanent disability, BOE allows you to keep your business afloat and viable while you try to sell or exit the business.

BOE is referred to as POE (Professional Overhead Expense) with AVMA GHLIT.

Dental & Vision
Dental & Vision plans can be had on both a individual or group basis.  Most, good dental plans usually cover not only preventive but basic and major services.  Some include orthodontia coverage.  Vision is sometimes included as part of the dental plan, but is optional with many plans.  

Most quality dental plans include coverage for:

Preventive - Oral exams and cleanings once per six months, including scheduled bite wings and panoramic x-ray's. 

Basic - Filings, extractions, etc.

Major - Crowns, root canals, implants, dentures, orthodontia, etc.

Often times plans will have waiting periods for some services.  Additionally some plans may require you to use providers only in their network while other plans allow you to "go outside " with lesser reimbursement.  Some plans allow you to use any dentist of your choice.  

Many less expensive plans being sold today offer services at a discounted rate.  Instead of paying a portion of the bill, these plans offer discounts off the normal rates charged by the dental provider.  The fees for service in these type of plans are usually spelled out in a listing or schedule provided by the dental company.  To get these discounts one usually must use dental providers within a network.

Long Term Care
Long Term Care is a form of insurance that insures an individual or couple in the event they enter a nursing home or assisted living facility.  Long Term Care also can cover care at home by a caregiver.  Long Term Care covers care for expenses not typically covered by medical insurance, Medicare, or Medicaid.

Individuals who require long-term care are generally are unable to perform the basic activities of daily living (ADLs) such as dressing, bathing, eating, toileting, continence, transferring (getting in and out of a bed or chair), and walking.

Long Term Care benefits are paid out in the form of a daily or monthly benefit payable directly to the insured.  The insured is free to use those monies for whatever purpose they wish.   

Long Term Care expenses can run from $40,000 + per year.  Long term medical expenses can devastating financially.  Proper preparedness could mean the difference between financial success and financial ruin.

A new trend in the Long Term Care market has come in the form of Whole Life Insurance policies which make available a portion of the death benefit to be used for Long Term Care expenses.

Critical Illness & Cancer 
Critical Illness plans are specific plans that pay a lump sum cash benefit in the event of a diagnosed critical illness such as:  Cancer, Stroke, Heart Attack, End Stage Renal, and many more conditions.  The benefit can be used to whatever the insured wishes.  These policies are usually inexpensive and can provide a great extra layer of protection above and beyond medical insurance or other insurance products.

Group Benefits
Group benefits are plans offered at the employer level to employees, usually to full-time employees but sometimes part-time.  These plans can participatory or voluntary. Group Benefits can include: 

Term Life
Short & Long Term Disability
Dental & Vision
Critical Illness
Long Term Care

Group Benefits are typically not owned by the employee nor are portable if the employee leaves the employer.  However, some plans do offer portability or conversion plan options.

*Note: AVMA LIFE has discontinued their bona-fide medical insurance program (only) as of 12/31/13 due to legal impacts of the ACA.  As a member service, the GHLIT is working with an insurance agency offering an aggregation website whereby members can obtain quotes and enroll on-line with various health insurance companies.  Jeff represents all the same health insurance companies, however, he does not offer health insurance through this AVMA LIFE service.  Jeff is licensed and contracted with the health insurance companies directly.